We are currently not open for booking. Check back at the beginning of November for more updates!

Asian American Peer Counseling

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An image of a leaf that represents the total donations we receive during the pilot.


This is a free service, and we want to keep it as accessible to all members of our community as possible. We accept donations under a sliding scale structure. If you are someone with access to wealth, consider giving more to support our work. We accept donations under a sliding scale structure from $0-75. Our venmo is @aznpeers, where you can send money after you register or after the session. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. We do not expect those who experience financial scarcity (loss of income, no access to savings, debt, etc.) to pay.

What is a donation-based sliding scale structure?

A donation based sliding scale structure means that we do not charge anyone for our services. However, if you would like to donate to support our continued project, you can venmo us funds. We do not want people who are financially burdened to feel obliged to pay and we ask that people with more access to wealth consider donating.

What are donations used for?

Half of the donations collected during our pilot run will be donated to Black and Indigenous led mental health and abolitionist organizing. The other half of those donations will go towards maintaining and expanding our service, which can include:

Follow us on Instagram. We welcome donations to our Venmo @aznpeers.