We are currently not open for booking. Check back at the beginning of November for more updates!

Asian American Peer Counseling

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Schedule a session

We offer 45 minute peer counseling sessions for Asian people, Black people, Native and Indigenous people, Latinx people of color, and all other people of color. We center queer and trans/gender non-conforming folks in our practice, though folks of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome to sign up. For our pilot run, we will be offering virtual peer counseling sessions from Tuesday, June 30 to Sunday, August 8, 2020 only. Our counselors are based around New York City, but during this pilot run we are offering our services over Zoom so that they are accessible virtually regardless of geographical location. With your feedback and support, we hope to continue offering this service with expanded capacity in the future.

In order to schedule a session:

  1. Read through our page on what to expect. All sessions are staffed by two co-counselors.
  2. Book a session through the plugin below, or go to our Calendly page directly if the plugin doesn’t load. All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time (EST), but we welcome people from any geographic location to use our services.
  3. Select a session! Please note that our scheduling system requires a valid email address in order to send you the link to join the session. It also requires filling in the "name" field, but please feel free to use a pseudonym or nickname. After a session occurs, we do not save any identifying information from people who use our services.
  4. Please keep an eye out for the confirmation email containing the meeting link and info from Calendly. If you cannot make it, or need to reschedule, we strongly encourage you to do so in advance through the link in your confirmation. This helps keep spots open for those who need it!

Please note that session slots are released on Sunday ahead of when they begin.

Follow us on Instagram. We welcome donations to our Venmo @aznpeers.